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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Can Outperform Its Competitors This Year

The first foldable phone created by “the giant” Samsung, will have strong competition on the market. First in line is the Chinese brand Huawei, which has released its Mate X foldable phone in China, and it attends to do so in other markets, and the first step is to present the device this month in Barcelona at the Mobile World Congress conference.

The second competitor is Motorola with its new Razr, which can be folded vertically, not horizontally, and the release date will be on February 24th. Samsung will be prepared for the “war,” and it will present its device, Galaxy Z Flip, next week.

The new Galaxy Z Flip has software optimized for Instagram, a 6.7-inch display, more RAM, more storage, and a bigger battery, which will last longer, and this is only the first display. The second display allows seeing all the notifications and time.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip and its competitors

Motorola can fully close, when folded, unlike the Galaxy Fold that formed more of a triangle shape. The previous Galaxy Fold came with a protective film that was removed. The new devices like Galaxy Z Flip, Razr, and Mate x take me back in time when I first saw a foldable device, and they awaken many beautiful memories.

It seems that this year we’ll have more options for buying new and more performing devices because the competition is fierce. As we can see, this industry will deliver us anything that they want because it will always be a trend to have the newest and fanciest device, and I know it’s a good thing to keep up with fashion because this is what it became.

We don’t buy a phone because we need it, we buy it because it’s new and fashionable. The displays of new foldable devices are different from the glass displays on the smartphone you’re used to now.


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