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This Samsung Galaxy S30 Render Concept Might be the Future of Smartphones

Samsung is set to launch the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 soon, and while we wait for its launch date, we’ve got a unique render showcasing a concept design for the Samsung Galaxy S30, named the Samsung Galaxy S30 Laser by its creator AndroidLeo.

The render proposes a look for the next-generation Galaxy S series smartphone, and while the display that has no bezels and the quad rear-camera setup seems obvious, the incorporation of touchscreen panels on the device’s side is rather wild.

Touch-Sensitive Buttons on the Galaxy S30

Similar to the MacBook Pro 2020’s touch Bar, these touch-sensitive panels are suggested to replace the physical keys. The concept is to enable quick controls, such as phone, notifications, and music icons, to be located on the edges of the device. This would exclude the need for physical buttons that take space and also can deteriorate with use.

AndroidLeo’s idea of Galaxy S30 also envisions a 6.8-inch 4K AMOLED display with an under-display fingerprint sensor, and an under-display 25MP selfie camera, something that would definitely stir up phone design for 2021. The rear camera cluster features a 108MP main camera, a 16MP telephoto lens, a 13MP ultra-wide camera, and an 8MP UltraMacro sensor.

The Samsung Galaxy S30 Laser concept video doesn’t nite anything about internal specifications, but we’d say this could be the first Samsung phone to sport the Exynos 1000. That is a processor that is probably going to be a collaboration between Samsung and AMD, combining the former’s mobile chip valor with the latter’s graphic tech.

Such an SoC could be used to power the Nintendo Switch 2, but there’s a good possibility that it would be included in a next-generation Galaxy smartphone, probably featuring enough graphical power to allow a phone to run games with graphics similar to that of a console.

The Samsung Galaxy S20 smartphones are impressive but not such an upgrade over the Galaxy S10 models. However, when it comes to the Galaxy S30, there’s a chance for Samsung to end up giving us a special phone.


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