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Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Leaks Bring New Camera Details

The performance of this year’s new camera phones is significant, don’t you agree? Based on all rumors, it looks like Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra is the top winner so far. But what about the camera design?

Although not the most essential part of a phone, the public was not very pleased with the camera design of the iPhone 11 and Pixel 4 series. It looks like in terms of camera design Apple and Google tanked; however, Samsung might just follow them. You may not like Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S20 camera system neither.

However, the most expensive version of the S20 series, the Ultra version, looks like it will have the top-rated camera this year. The camera will feature a massive upgrade compared to its previous S10 series. Not convinced? Read below to find out what the leaks confirm.

A young guy named Ishan Agarwal has posted on Twitter an image which shows the Galaxy S20 Ultra camera design: “This image accurately represents how the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G Camera setup looks like! It will be dual shade (grey matte-like + black), and it honestly looks good (better than what I tried to make here lol). Yeah, 100X would be printed besides Periscope Camera,” said Agarwal in the tweet.

The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Camera Design

The phone is expected to feature a quad-lens camera system. Similar to the iPhone 11 Pro camera arrangement, S20 Ultra features three lenses and the flash. The camera system forms a square module on the top side.

And because S20 Ultra will also feature a periscope camera that will enable 10x optical zoom on the phone and 100x digital zoom, below the square model sits a rectangular camera lens. It is also rumored that the Galaxy S20 Ultra is the only version that will feature a 108-megapixel camera as the primary lens.

According to Ice Univers, the “Korean designer MINU has drawn the renderings of the Galaxy S20 Ultra based on rumors for reference only,” which looks slightly different from what Agarwal provided the internet with. By the looks of it, the upcoming flagship smartphone design is not going to be breathtaking; however, what matters is the performance. We believe these new smartphones will blow our minds in terms of camera performance. The technology has come a long way, and we shouldn’t let the design compromise the phone’s value.


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