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Samsung Galaxy S11 Will Receive a 108MP Camera Feature with 5x Zoom

Recently, an online report unveiled some features for Samsung Galaxy S11. Samsung will be releasing the next device with an improved, colossal camera. They will supposedly bring a 108MP camera on the newest Galaxy S11.

Even if the Samsung company launched the Galaxy S10 version, fans are already willing to meet the new device. Rumors about specifications and other features already make quite a buzz.

Sources have unveiled that the new version of Samsung will enhance the camera experience. Galaxy S11 is expected to come with an optical zoom of 5x. A feature like that is better than the actual digital zoom because of the image quality.

As we know, Samsung Galaxy S10 comes with a quad-camera option with a telephoto and an ultra-wide lens. Also, the device has an advanced flight sensor (ToF) besides the primary camera. The ToF sensor is giving a depth perception when you take a photo. For the new Samsung Galaxy S11, it is rumored that it will also have this feature. It will come with the main camera in the quad-camera option, which is expected to have a huge 108MP lens.

The 108MP lens feature will be the most significant change for a Samsung device. The technology, too, is expected to receive a facelift. Also, Samsung Galaxy S11 will get an advanced optical zoom. Usually, the optical zoom need extra hardware components and settings, meaning this feature will require a lot more space than the digital one. That’s why developers chose the digital zoom when they make thinner devices.

Samsung, however, is rumored to have come with a solution. The developers will use a periscopic design and then place the lenses, side by side. Also, a mirror will help too, because it will reflect the light from the lens to the sensors.


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