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Samsung Galaxy S11 Will Come with a Better Camera and Battery

There are so many leaks out there about Samsung’s upcoming flagship phone – Samsung Galaxy S11 – that we don’t really know what to believe anymore. Last month, we heard something about the render of the device, and recently we have heard that it might actually be able to capture 8K videos. Rumor has it, it will come with excellent battery capacity, and that the camera will get upgraded and will be able to compete with that of Apple.

As per a report, Samsung is making more for its camera, which will include a 108-megapixel sensor. The sensor was revealed back in August, and it is used in devices such as the Xiaomi CC9 Pro. The Galaxy S11 will also come with three extra sensors on the back, with one lens for capturing ultrawide angles, and one with 5x optical zoom.

Improved camera and battery on the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S11

Moreover, the device will include a “Time of Flight” sensor, which will assist the user in augmented reality functions, and it will also help him in taking portrait photos. The sensor will come with infrared light. We have even heard some news about the battery of the device – we can expect a 5.000 mAh battery.

If we are to compare it to that of iPhone 11 Pro Max, we’ll see that Apple had a battery of 4.000 mAh. The battery life on Galaxy S10+ was a big plus, and it seems that Samsung wants to add even more power for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S11. The company has not made a public comment about all of these features, which means that they are still unconfirmed. The tech giant has established a tradition of announcing their new Galaxy phones in February, so we are waiting for 2020.


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