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Samsung Galaxy S11: New Leaks Are Confirming Mind-Boggling Specs

In a world where smartphone manufacturers are constantly competing with each other, it looks like there is always room for even more impressive gadgets. The Galaxy S10 flagship released by Samsung back in March has confirmed to all of us that the South Korean company doesn’t surrender in creating high-tech devices. Even so, we are expecting the S11 to be even more mind-blowing.

5G support for all three S11 models

This is the biggest news. Leaks and rumors are claiming 5G support for all the S11 models of Samsung: S11 standard, S11e, and S11 Plus. Since the 5G technology receives more and more attention and it was first launched in South Korea, there’s no wonder why all three models of S11 will feature it. Hopefully, phones with 5G will be able to inform us instantly about the dangers of traffic while we are driving, and they will be helping us in many other useful ways. 5G is not just a caprice, and it’s far from only providing us faster Internet connections so we can download movies and games faster.

Galaxy S11 is expected during Q1 of 2020

Therefore, we don’t have much to wait, and we already have some precious info about Samsung’s next lineup of flagships. New leaks are telling us that S11, S11e, and S11 Plus will have the following codes: SM-G9860, SM-G9810, and SM-G9880, respectively.

No under-display front camera

Although there have been strong rumors about the presence of a camera under the display for Samsung Galaxy S11, with the notch being eliminated, the Twitter user Ice Universe informs us that it’s not the case for S11:

“Samsung will launch an under display camera phone next year! not S11,  not Fold 2”

There you have it! Samsung will provide us in 2020 a more modern way of inserting cameras on phones, but not on the S11. However, there is also the rumor going around that the camera for the Galaxy S11 will have a 5x optical zoom and 10x lossless zoom.

Are you already excited? You’d better be!


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