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Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Renders Showcase a Stunning Smartphone

Fans are awaiting Samsung‘s forthcoming Galaxy Note 20 for some time, but now we’ve got the best render yet of the stunning mobile phone. A collaboration between LetsGoDigital and Jermaine Smith, also known as Concept Creator, who is the best smartphone render artist currently has birthed the most outstanding and realistic concept of the upcoming mobile device.

Since the renders surfaced, 91Mobiles, which is renown for its solid track record of Samsung leaks, has offered fans a few more information regarding the new Galaxy Note 20, detailing that ‘the high-end model is likely to ship with 16GB LPDDR5 RAM, up to 512GB internal storage and a 5,000mAh battery capacity.’

This means that the Galaxy Note 20 would have similar specs to the newly released S20 Ultra because only this model in the S20 series packs such a big battery. That, though, made fans wonder whether the new Galaxy Note could then feature the enormous 108MP-led camera setup of this smartphone and its 100x zoom because this didn’t seem to be an option.

However, the popular Samsung insider Ice Universe has then confirmed that the upcoming line-up will indeed feature the same cameras as the Galaxy S20 series. This gives fans another reason to be excited for the Galaxy Note 20, considering its upgrades, but it does leave us with a rather important question: does it include the S20 Ultra camera as well?

Will an Ultra Model Be Included Into the Galaxy Note 20 Series?

With Samsung also dividing the S20 series into three different models this year, and the Galaxy Note 10 into two different models back in 2019, we wonder whether the Galaxy Note 20 line-up really needs an Ultra model.

Samsung won the game with the Ultra’s outstanding specs, and it has dominated marketing ventures for the series. Finally, a few tests performed on the Galaxy S20 Ultra found little benefit of this model over the regular S20 and S20 Plus camera versions. Therefore, if the Ultra model won’t be included in the Galaxy Note 20 series, it won’t be a big deal.


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