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Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite is on the Make

Numerous rumors and leaks about a Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite have kept appearing on the web for a while now​. However, it now seems like the rumors were actually correct, as a smartphone believed to be the Galaxy Note 10 Lite has just been benchmarked.

According to a Geekbench 5 listing, an upcoming smartphone with 6GB of RAM and powered by an Exynos 9810 processor is on the verge of being revealed. These specs are the exact same features the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has, and have been spotted by NashvilleChatter​.

If this turns out to be correct, the Galaxy Note 10 Lite​ will be a significant de-escalated version of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 lineup. However, it will still feature specs that would have been considered a flagship-level back in 2018.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite: Evidence of its Development

The device is also specified as running Android 10, and the tests conducted show it performs a single-core score of 667 and a multi-core of 2.030. In contrast, a recent Samsung Galaxy Note 10 benchmark achieved a single-core score of 748 and a multi-core of 2,696. This is what we would expect considering the newer processor and additional 2GB of RAM in the regular Galaxy Note 10.

We should also note that the Galaxy Note 10 Lite​ is not mentioned by name in the spotted list, but the model number SM-N770F is being noted down, and it has been previously linked to the device as well.

Overall, this appears to be a Note smartphone that has not been revealed yet, as the ‘N’ in the model number signifies it is part of the Note lineup. The whole number is not claimed by any launched Samsung devices.

We wouldn’t, however, know for sure if the finding is accurate, at least not until Samsung decides to reveal the smartphone officially.


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