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Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 News — New Details Hint To A New Storage Option

We have news about the upcoming Galaxy Fold 2. According to a professional press, the upcoming foldable smartphone from Samsung is going to get a new storage option. That means that the consumer is going to be able to choose from the 512 GB configuration for Galaxy Fold 2 or the 256 GB configuration.

The great thing about this information from SamMobile is that having two storage options means having two prices for the upcoming foldable mobile phone. People will be able to acquire the next Galaxy Fold 2 at a lower price as well.

Details on the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 Price

Samsung already has experience when it comes to the foldable smartphone category. Therefore, with the help of the previous model, the Galaxy Fold, and the Galaxy Z Flip, the company will look to explore even more in this relatively new department. The successor of these two available models aims at a more affordable price. At the beginning of the new generation of flexible screens, smartphones have started a very high price. Therefore Samsung is looking to a more economical approach for its upcoming foldable models.

The cost of the first foldable mobile phone from Samsung is very high. Samsung Galaxy Fold is available for 2,020 euros. That means 47,999 pesos or $2,200, which makes it the most expensive mobile phone on the market. Its successor model, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, is available for 1,500 euros. That means 32,999 pesos. You can see a small change in the price; however, the company is looking forward to lowering the price even more. We, too, are looking forward to seeing a cheaper foldable smartphone coming up.

There is not much information regarding the upcoming mobile phone; however, we expect to find out more during the third quarter of 2020. The rumor has it that Samsung is planning to launch its new Galaxy Fold 2 around that date.


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