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Samsung Fights Hard With Chinese Smartphone Competitors

​Although Samsung is known as one of the most amazing smartphone brands, the tech giant is now encountering some tough competition from Chinese smartphone companies. Brands such as Xiaomi, Oppo, Realme, as well as Vivo are releasing mobile devices on a regular basis, which pack great designs and amazing specs while selling at very affordable prices.

As a matter of fact, two tech giants have recently released 5G mobile devices in India. Both Realme and iQOO have shipped their smartphones in the premium section, and now Realme is reportedly planning another launch of a mobile phone in March, together with a fitness band. Moreover, the market leader in Asia and not only, Xiaomi, might release its highly-awaited Mi 10 and Mi 10 Pro in India as well.

Samsung Has Great Potential

Samsung is allegedly experiencing troubles since September 2017. The tech giant has lost its number one place in the market, on both smartphones and features mobile device segments. Even so, experts believe that Samsung can get back on its feet, even though it is not as good on online space as Chinese companies.

“Brand arrogance has caused it to grossly underestimate the marketing potential of the Chinese companies who have now created a niche in almost every price segment. And, of course, their exclusive channel strategy has failed them too,” Faisal Kawoosa, founder and principal analyst at research firm TechArc said. “Samsung must shun its brand arrogance at a time when other competitors are winning in their brand messaging, especially on digital media.”

As per the report, Samsung has invested massive amounts of money in technology, manufacturing, and they have a great reach through offline stores.

In the meantime, the company has released a new version of the Galaxy S10 Lite in India, which has an 8GB of RAM and 512GB of storage space for about $630, which will be available starting with March 1st.​


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