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Samsung Could Change the Camera Design on the Galaxy S11

Samsung, the South Korean ​tech giant, could be planning to redesign the popular Samsung Galaxy S11.

New leaks suggest that the design will not consist of something new, but it seems like the smartphone might be more similar to the Samsung Galaxy Note 10. How so? The Galaxy S11 is claimed to have its punch-hole selfie camera being relocated from the top-right edge to the top center of the display.

The news comes from the reliable leaker @UniverseIce​, who also said that the punch-hole on the handset would have a smaller design than it currently is on the Samsung Galaxy Note 10. The leaker even released a render they created. The render depicts how the Samsung Galaxy S11 might look, based on already leaked details.

The render can be seen below, along with the official Twitter post the leaker uploaded. However, we should again note that this is not a piece of official information released by Samsung, so it should be taken with a pinch of salt.

This particular claim of a central punch-hole on Samsung Galaxy S11 has not been heard anywhere else, so we are not taking it too seriously, although it doesn’t seem impossible.

It is a change that could align with the rumor that Samsung is fusing the Galaxy Note and Galaxy S lineups, and implementing the main features of the two separate smartphones into one device. If the South Korean tech giant were to do that, then there is no need to worry that the design looks so alike to the forthcoming Note, because there would be no next Note.

We still believe it is not possible Samsung will pull-down to just one flagship series, at least next year, but it still could happen. No matter what Samsung’s plans are for the Galaxy S11, we should get more information about it soon, as the device is probable to be released in February, and we will most likely hear numerous leaks before its launch.


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