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Rule Over Your Enemies in The Third Age, R2 Games’ Fantasy Strategy MMORPG Browser Game

Become one of the best kings The Third Age has ever seen in the online multiplayer high-fantasy strategy game. If you are also looking for PVP or PVE battles or managing your own kingdom, The Third Age has it all.

The free-to-play title from R2 Games is a browser video game that has a global network of players who fight at the same time. Known for popular titles such as Wartune, Dragon Awaken, Eternal Fury and Survivor Legacy among many others, R2 Games promises a thrilling experience when it comes to their recent browser game The Third Age.

The Third Age Is a Html 5 Browser Game

What is very important for players that begin their journey in The Third Age is that the browser game has been optimized for Html5, which is great news, considering Flash is already sentenced to death in 2020.

Close to the end of this year, Adobe will end the support for Flash and this is why the game developer has let us all know that browser games are here to stay. Either they will be coded by tech like Html5 and Web GL or they come through a common client, R2 Games is planning to not only continue making content for its current games, but also keeps launching Html5 browser games such as Robot Tactics Online and Survivor Legacy.

Easy to Learn Thanks to Starter Quests

You will see it is easy to learn about the game once you have completed the first quests. That is when you get to choose a side and learn more about your nation and its perks.

There are also plenty of handy guides about the gameplay at You can also check out the gameplay video below.

Choose an Allied Nation

You will find yourself in the middle of an unending war between three powers. You must become ally with one of them and fight for them together with friends against common foes. The end result is you’ll get to show everyone you’re the best leader in The Third Age.

You must select one of the three nations: Watchmen’s Union, Storm Empire, or Blood Tribe.

Develop, Expand, Defeat Others to Gain More Resources

Whatever your choice is, players get to develop their city, build a castle and expand their land, defeat other players to control as many resources as they can and more.

Character Progression and Thrilling Storyline

Being a story-driven game that brings both PVP and PVE features among a detailed lore, The Third Age promises character progression and tons of options and customizations.

You get to pick a legendary hero as the general and personalize them as you wish.

The Third Age also comes with optional in-game purchases in the form of micro-transactions. Players do not need to buy anything to progress or succeed in their battle to become the best leaders.

Hero Pictures:

Check out all the R2 Games at, or head over to the Facebook fan page at Facebook Fan page: to learn more about The Third Age directly from its players.


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