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Roku Update Available with a Brilliant Viewing Experience

Roku is famous for the quality and affordability of its services to millions of people around the world.

The Roku app allows users to turn their tablet or smartphone into a “brilliant extension” of their viewing experience.

The Roku app lets you use your smartphone or tablet as a second remote or as an extension to one by adding extra features and functionality.

The Roku app is free and makes it easier and more accessible to control your Roku player.

The app allows you to search using a keyboard, change the volume with private listening, check a handy entertainment guide to see what is on, and send media content like music, video, and photos to your TV.

The app is a welcome expansion to the already enjoyable Roku experience.

The app requires periodic updates, just like any other app available.

Updates typically fix existing problems or add new content.

The latest update bears the number, and it addressed some problems reported by some Roku users.

What’s New?

Here are the official patch notes for Roku version

“- Fixed missing toolbar titles.

– Hid the OSK on voice search activation.

– Fixed a duplicate Fandango entry on the View Options page.

– Updated Third-Party Licenses.

– Fixed a localization error on the Help page.”

As you can see, the list of patch notes is relatively generous.

It’s nice to see that Roku developers work hard to keep their apps working correctly and make customers happy.

The app is available on official channels (Google Play and Apple App Store) and third-party marketplaces, but we recommend that you stay far from those unless you know what you are doing.

Installing a corrupted or malware-infested app can be fatal for your device.


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