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Rockstar Now Owns Ruffian, And That’s A Big Deal for PS5

Rockstar is one of the biggest and most impressive game developers in history. The studio is famous thanks to its style of creating open-world experiences with high concentrations of realism. The company is a subsidiary of Take-Two Interactive, which is also a massive player in the industry.

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Unfortunately, Rockstar hasn’t published any new projects for next-gen consoles until recently. During Sony’s first PS5 big gaming event, the company announced that GTA V would be released yet again for new consoles with improved visuals and performance.

That would mark the first GTA game to be released on three different generations of consoles.

We know that Rockstar likes to take its time to release new games and that usually translates to many years. The console had only one significant release for the current generation – Red Dead Redemption 2.

A report from TheGamer says that Rockstar acquired Ruffian Games, which is now available under the name Rockstar Dundee.

Ruffian Games is famous for its part in Crackdown 2 and the Halo Master Chief Collection.

Ruffian had been working with Rockstar for a while and is currently a member of the Rockstar studio collection. Rumors already started claiming that the acquisition would mean that the company is working on a remastered version of an old game, as Ruffian specialized in.

One careful Twitter user noticed the change, but it mostly went under the radar until recently:

The official rebranding happened recently, but Rockstar chose not to make a big fuss about it.


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