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Rockstar may have Contracted a Studio to Work on GTA VI

Ruffian Games are an independent video game studio that has collaborated with other high-ranking companies in the past. They contributed to the development of Halo: The Master Chief Collection and Crackdown 3 and developed Crackdown 2.

The company has posted a series of job announcements on its website, and eagle-eyed users observed that some of them are related to Rockstar Games and future platforms. As expected, some fans believe that the studio may be contributing in some form to GTA VI, one of the most anticipated titles as more than six years have passed since the previous entries were published.

According to the webpage, the studio plans to hire several new employees, and among the open positions we can find Senior Engineer, UI Engineer, Gameplay Script Engineer, and others. It is speculated that Ruffian Games could develop an entire game for Rockstar, but no details are available at this point.

GTA VI rumors

GTA VI is already surrounded by rumors. Since a new generation of consoles will be launched in 2020, fans believe that Rockstar may want to release the game as a launch title for the devices, a move that would contribute to their popularity.

The game could take place in the past, with the 1987s or 1980s as the preferred moment in time. This would allow Rockstar to offer a fresh experience without the tackle all the controversial events which are taking place in the world.

The game will likely be set in Vice City and Rio de Janeiro, and it could feature two protagonists, with one of them being a female. Rockstar has been hard at work in recent months, with several patches being released for Red Dead Redemption 2. A PC version of the hit game will be released on November 5, and it has the chance to sell well.

Until an official announcement is offered, we can only hope that GTA VI will surface in the future.


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