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Roblox Warns Players Regarding Free Robux Scams

​Roblox players can use a few methods to earn Robux, the in-game currency. As a matter of fact, you can get them only through the following ways:

  • Purchase Robux from your browser, smartphone, or Xbox One apps
  • Earn a Robux stipend from accounts that have a membership (if a user is registered with a premium membership)
  • Sell game passes in exchange for Robux
  • Sell pants, place access, and shirts and get a percentage of the profit (only for players with a membership subscription)

Roblox users have recently been warned about free Robux scams, which seem to have become more common lately. Simply put, there is no such thing as Robux generator to earn free Robux, the developers behind the popular platform insist. Therefore, if a game, person, or website tries to convince you into believing there is such a generator, it should be a scam. Robux​ can only be purchased for real-world currency and is sold by Roblox.

Where Can You Check Your Robux?

Robux​ can be verified from the mobile app, by first logging into your account. At the top side of the app, tap on the Robux​ icon, and the balance will appear. Another way to check your Robux​ by using an Internet browser, by verifying the upper right corner of the browser window. Also, on the Xbox One app, click on the Right Bumper from the Home screen until you get to the Robux​ display.

Free Robux is a Scam

Most surveys offering free Robux​ usually ask for personal information, which you’d be ‘trading’ for the in-game currency. However, you’ll only become vulnerable to malware and various types of viruses, but you’ll get no free Robux.

The survey or apps specifically developed for this reason could also look like a Roblox game, and some developers could lure you in to get ‘free Robux​’ by creating errors after you input your personal information. Unaware people will think it’s just an error, but the algorithm behind is just stealing your actual Robux​ and numerous items in your account, most often leaving you with malware.

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