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Riot Shares Season 2020 Teaser: New League of Legends Champions, Teamfight Tactics Set 3, New Legends of Runeterra Content and More

Season 10 in League of Legends begins on January 10 and we are pretty excited about all the new content Riot is going to reveal this week. Aside from Patch 10.1 which rolled out in the early hours of January 8, we’ll be treated with a slew of updates from Riot.

In a video called Season 2020 Teaser, we spotted a few juicy details about the incoming content.

Season 2020 Teaser: Incoming Information About LoL, TFT, LoR and More

Let us take a look at the teaser from Riot and break it down below:

Riot mentioned we would learn more about all of Riot’s plans on this Season, new skins, new themes, the updated Volibear, new champs, and the launch of Clash.

Season 2020 will begin with the new bruiser called Sett. We will also begin playing on the fully updated Summoner’s Rift map. For those eager to try the League of Legends modes, we will surely learn more about URF, ARAM, and other recurring modes. And we cannot wait to see the new kit of Volibear.

As for Teamfight Tactics, we will hear more news about the auto battler. We should see a few more information on TFT on mobile platforms. And the most exciting news is that we will get a look at the third set which should show up around March 18 – as hinted by Riot Mort here!

We will also see an update of the Legends of Runeterra Beta. The card game is in closed beta and should receive an update during Q1 2020. In the short teaser, we saw a new Freljord-themed board and some more customization – just take a look at this cute Mecha (Hextech) Dragon Guardian:

Expect to see more info on the second tabletop game from Riot as well. Mechs vs. Minions was the first one.

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