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Riot Games Reveals New Games and More from the League of Legends Universe

Riot Games has planned this year to be phenomenal! With the cinematic opening Season 10, and yesterday’s video on gameplay and ranked in League of Legends, we’re all ready to see the announcements and news about all of the hard work Riot has done in the past few years. In the video teaser we saw this week (linked here), we learned from Riot that they’re ready to share more details that focus on League of Legends, but also go beyond the popular MOBA.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at today’s announcement from VP of IP and Entertainment – Greg Street (Riot Ghostcrawler), who is talking about the world of Runeterra, be it in the form of their new champion Sett, a new Marvel Comic Series, or a new tabletop game.

Today’s latest announcement focused on the League of Legends universe and IP:

Sett and Zed Marvel Comic Series

We took a good look at the incoming champion Sett that is going to come to the rift next week.

Zed also gets his own Marvel Comic Series this year, and we cannot wait to see his story. And talking about stories we want to see, let’s talk a little about the first animated series from Riot Games!

Arcane, TV Show

Arcane” is the name of the first animated series from the developer, which will be released this year. The plot is said to be following “two of League of Legends’ most famous champions growing up in Piltover & Zaun” – and looking at the photos, it’s definitely Jinx and VI.

Riot Forge, Two Single-Player Games

Riot Forge, the 3rd Party Publishing Arm of Riot Games has been developing two single-player games that take place in the League of Legends Universe. These two games will be launching by the end of this year:

  • The first game is called “Ruined King,” and it will be a turn-based roleplaying game (yay! my faves!).
  • Conv/rgence” is the second one is going to be a platformer in which League of Legends champion Ekko stars, so get ready for some time travel elements!


Tabletop Games

Tellstones was briefly teased at the League of Legends 10th Anniversary livestream, but now the Tabletop Team at Riot is working on it and getting ready to create other games beyond Tellstones.

Tellstones will be a 2-player bluffing game of “Perfect information.” The game is based on the “game played within Demacia in Runeterra.”

For more information about tabletop games from Riot, players can sign up here.

Tales of Runeterra

 We will see Tales of Runeterra set in various places, including Ionia. More videos will be released this year.

Legends of Runeterra

The highly awaited card game from Riot – Legends of Runeterra, which is currently in closed beta will soon get its own video announcement with more details that what you’ve seen today.

Check back on our Riot Games page to see the next videos which will include more news about Legends of Runeterra, the future of Teamfight Tactics and more!

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