Rick And Morty Season Finale – Here’s What You Missed

“Rick and Morty” is one of the most popular animated shows of all time, and it gained even more popularity when it was added to Netflix.

The fourth season was a total blaze! The season finale was an epic conclusion to the latest season.

We are big fans of Rick and Morty adventures, but we can’t help but wonder when will the series return to the traditional, beloved plot threads.

Though we’ve seen the series depart from its not so humble beginnings, “Star Mort Rickturn of the Jerri,” included plenty of references to past episodes.

Here Are The Top Highlights You Might Have Missed:

Rick did clone Beth, though he did not want to admit it. However, the episode left us on a cliffhanger – We don’t know which Beth is the real one!

There were a lot of Star Wars references. First of all, “The Defiance” is a clear copy of the “Rebellion” from Star Wars. Then there’s the NX-5 Planet Remover, which is a clone of the Death Star. Rick even mentions that it’s a death star later in the episode.

The producers also took a subtle shot at Apple’s marketing scheme. They presented both the NX-4S and NX-5, and the latter “eliminates planets twice as fast as the NX-4S with half the battery.” Sounds similar to a cross-generation commercial, right?

Rick appears to be proud of his daughter (or her clone) but also points out that her adventures are “skewing a tad Star Warsy,” as if past references to the popular franchise weren’t enough.

There is a parody of the Sony brand – The TV from Shoney’s is a “Soony,” which is an obvious knock-off for Sony.

The creators outdid themselves with the season finale. There’s one downside to that, though; we’ll have to wait for a while for the next season of the series.

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