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Revolutionary Smartphone Design — Mosaic Camera Tech Is Coming in 2020

Move over notches, punch-hole, or pop-up cameras, and the mosaic era is here! Or at least that is what famous smartphone industry insider claims on Twitter. With 2019 being over, we are waiting to see the next big thing for 2020 being revealed. It seems that this year is all about clean displays with notches, not punch-holes, and no compromises.

All those sensors and the selfie camera will be hidden right under the display. According to industry insider Ice Universe and notorious leaker, smartphones will have a new tech called “Mosaic.”

Mosaic Tech Replacing Punch-Hole Cameras and Notches

He did not say what these smartphone models were, but we like where the tech is going. The sensors are hidden and difficult to spot unless you zoom in on them. According to Ice Universe, this is the tech that will replace the hole-punch camera or the notch on future smartphones.

“I’ve tested an Oppo prototype in Shenzhen, and you can’t see it if you’re using it normally. You need to be really close. Honestly, this is far better than a notch or a hole-punch, they just need to fix some camera color issues.” – commented Nicolas Lellouche on Ice Universe’s post.

While some Twitter users were not really impressed by how this “mosaic” feature looks like, we think it deserves a chance to grow and get better at camouflaging the camera while also keeping its performance untouched. What will be the first device revealed to have this tech? We will definitely see it at the 2020 Mobile World Congress (MWC) that starts at the end of February.

And talking about new tech and brands, Apple has filed a new patent with the Japanese Patent Office (JPO), which describes an under-screen camera on a notch-less device. Could the mosaic tech – or whatever it will be called – be reserved for the incoming iPhone 12? What do you think of the new tech? Voice your opinion in the comment section below.


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