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Restarting Pokémon Sword and Shield for Shinny Can Come to an End

If you play Pokémon, then you are doing the same thing for sure – you are hunting Shiny. For collecting them, you have to find them, so maybe you are one of those users that are restarting their game all over again? Well, the trick of restarting the game for finding Shiny would end, unfortunately. Pokémon Sword and Shield could be the last one from the series in which users could do this trick.

For the players that don’t practice the reset feature for the game, here is the thing. If you want a Pokémon in your beautiful collection, meaning legendary and starters, you will have to wait for the number generator, which is choosing randomly. With the previous games, the way of resetting the game worked with a combination of buttons. Now, in the Sword and Shield, you have to close the game and started again. This method is not that fast as the combination of buttons but is quite useful. Of course, closing and opening is not literally a soft reset, but it does the trick.

No More Shiny in a Variety of Special Colors

Hacker kaphotics is saying on a post on Twitter that Game Freak is adding a new feature to the legendaries and starter. From now one, they will have one Shiny lock. If this feature is implemented, we will not see a Shiny variant anymore. But, of course, this feature will not be an impediment for fans. It will not be the first time when players are hacking the game.

Finally, don’t worry; we will continue to have Scorbunny, Sobble, or Grookey in their unique color. Of course, if restarting your game will not be an available option for playing the game, you will have to breed the starters.

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