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Resident Evil Resistance Update – Here Are The Beta Times

The launch of the Resident Evil Resistance beta was just confirmed for consoles, a week in advance to the official launch of the remastered Resident Evil 3.

The demo for Resident Evil 3 was made available last week, and most who played it can’t wait to get their hands on the full game.

However, the big news for today is that we have been provided details about the Resident Evil Resistance beta times for consoles.

The Beta Times

The release date of Resident Evil Resistance is established for Friday, March 27, 2020, for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Capcom finally made public the date when they will release the beta for Resident Evil Resistance.

The official release date for the game’s beta is set for March 27, from 7 am GMT for UK consoles.

Resident Evil 3 fans from the United States will receive the game on the same day, at midnight PT.

Here are the official Open beta Resident Evil Resistance times for consoles: PDT: 3/27/2020 00:00 – 4/3/2020 00:00 UTC: 3/27/2020 07:00 – 4/3/2020 07:00 HKT: 3/27/2020 15:00 – 4/3/2020 15:00 JST: 3/27/2020 16:00 – 4/3/2020 16:00.

The Steam version has the following beta times: UTC/GMT: 3/27/2020 5 pm through 7 am Friday, April 3.

“An Open Beta for Resident Evil Resistance will be kicking off on March 27, providing everyone with a chance to try out this asymmetrical co-op horror game set in the Resident Evil universe.” – message from Capcom.

Multiplayer Gameplay

According to Capcom, the new beta will give fans the chance to experience the new one vs. four online mode of the game – Four Survivors will team together against a sinister Mastermind.

The Mastermind has to make sure that the Survivors fail to escape.

The survivors have to work together to avoid the attacks of the Mastermind and make sure they escape the map before they run out of time.


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