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Remote Access Your Computer From A Smartphone

Did you ever need to access a file from your home computer while on the go? The problem is very frustrating, but the solution is simple enough.

There are multiple reasons why you might want to access your home computer when you are not standing in front of it. You might have files stored on the HDD or SSD. Thankfully, there are various ways to control and access your computer with an Android smartphone safely.

Chrome To The Rescue

Google Chrome Remote Desktop is one of the most popular options for accessing and controlling computers remotely.

The service is free, making it easy to access all the files you need from your phone.

You only need to add the Remote Desktop extension on your computer to make it accessible from another device. All sessions are entirely encrypted.

How To Connect The Devices

First, you need to start your computer, open Chrome, and type the following in the address bar:

Tap the download button that resembles a downward arrow under the Set up Remote Access tab and follow the next on-screen instructions.

To access a computer remotely, you must follow these steps:

Open Chrome on your smartphone and type this in the address bar:

Tap Access to pick which computer you want to access.

Enter the required PIN to access another device.

Select the arrow to connect, and when you are ready to finish the session, you can either tap options -> disconnect or close the tab you are in.

It’s that simple! Practice makes perfect. It’s amazing how reliable the whole process is. It would be best if you had a stable internet connection on both devices to ensure reliable operation.


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