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Realme Will Enable Ads On Its Smartphones Starting With The Next OTA OS Update

Creators of smartphones tend to monopole technological innovation and marketing trends. Let’s take a clear example: enabling advertisements in OS. Xiaomi had started to that that since 2018 when they updated the phones with MIUI 10. Then Samsung also began to do so in 2019 with certain phones of their own. People have started talking, and they criticized these decisions. Well, that did not stop Realme to follow the same steps.

Realme Will Enable Ads On Its Smartphones Starting With The Next OTA OS Update

Quite recently, Realme announced that they would start enabling ads on their phones – the ones that run ColorOS 6 and later versions. The Chinese OEM will also get this feature through an OTA update sometime in the future. Users will get ads in two places, in the Security Check page, and the Phone Manager app.

There’s no coincidence that the maker has kept the name of the feature – “Commercial Content Recommendation” – instead of naming it something with the word “ads.” Users are not really fond of the idea of the ads popping up on their smartphone screens.

Luckily, Realme will allow users to disable ads, and that’s something good

It is quite difficult for us to change the mind of the manufacturers. There are, of course, commercial motives there, especially when it’s essential for makers to keep the prices low for their users. But when keeping the prices low, they also need to face the competition, so they should get their fair amount of money from somewhere.

There is also good news when it comes to realme’s enabling ads idea. The company gives the users the possibility to disable the ads, something that Xiaomi didn’t do. If you want to do that, just go to Settings, to Additional settings, to Get recommendations. From there, turn off the toggle switch.

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