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Realme 2020 Smartphones Will Arrive With Higher Refresh Rate

When it comes to smartphones and other devices, 2020 has offered us so far a bunch of remarkable top handsets and sleek features. Similar to most smartphone manufacturers, Realme is also ready to introduce a new series of devices. Currently, it has been suggested that all the Realme flagship smartphones booked to release in 2020 might arrive with higher refresh rate displays.

Realme Flagship Devices Scheduled to Launch Soon

While we can’t keep track of all the Realme rumors or hints, the latest report seems to match most of the users’ expectations. The news of featuring higher refresh rates is released by Xu Qi, the Realme’s chief marketing officer. The report arrives at the perfect time where many flagship and premium devices are sporting displays with refresh rates over 90Hz and more than 180Hz for touch responses.

Realme released the Realme X50 Pro 5G device recently. As one of the flagship smartphones, the X50 Pro 5G features a 90Hz display refresh rate and a touch response rate of 180Hz, as Xu Qi’s statement on Weibo suggested. Introducing higher refresh rates on a device’s screen has lots of benefits. For example, it provides sleeker video playback and faster and streamlined feedback while gaming. And that’s not all that matters most. Users’ experience is boosted up while surfing through the Internet pages or looking through menus, with a minimum screen lag.

Higher Refresh Rates

Besides Realme’s decision, Google’s newest Android 11 Dev Preview 2 hints at some intriguing features for a higher refresh rate. The next variant promises a mode that lets devs to adjust and modify an app to run in close coordination with the screen’s refresh rate. Such a thing means that devs can make their apps run at an individual refresh rate for boosted up performance, raising the overall user experience. Devices running Android 11 will arrive with the suggested refresh rate screen and fit an app’s specification.


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