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Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Void Edge Gameplay Was Unveiled

Even before the official reveal of the Rainbow Six Siege‘s Operation Void Edge gameplay was due, a leak from Ubisoft has allowed fans into a lot of details about it.

Earlier this week, the team of developers has unveiled the new operators, Oryx and Iana, in a CGI trailer. Later on, the gaming studio has posted the full gameplay.

Operation Void Edge

As shown in the gameplay’s reveal trailer, Oryx and Iana are what previous leaks have implied. Moreover, the new season is also set to come with a map rework for Oregon, which is one of Rainbow Six Seige’s oldest maps.


Oryx is a new Jordanian defender able to smash through walls with its Remah Dash ability and is also capable of mowing down attackers. The character is able to activate the ability a few times in rapid succession, but it takes a while to recharge.

Moreover, the new operator can jump up and get open hatches. Oryx can also catch rivals off guard by creating new flank routes utilizing his weapons.


Iana’s avatar is great at infusing fear into her rivals. The Dutch attacker utilizes a Gemini Replicator to design a holographic lure of herself she can control. This decoy functions just like a regular character but doesn’t have the capacity of repelling, shooting, and launching defender traps.

The Gemini Replicator weapon has unlimited use, but it rather functions according to a cool-down timer that increased if the hologram is somehow damaged.

The Oregon Map Rework

Operation Void Edge is set to release a map rework for Oregon. Dissimilar to previous map revamp, Ubisoft did not announce this one. You can watch the video that showcases the new changes here.

Besides all the new features, Void Edge may also release a training mode. While showcasing the new gameplay, the video also depicted new menu options for Learning Grounds and Training Mode.

The complete reveal panel for Operation Void Edge will take place throughout the Six Invitational.


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