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Rainbow Six Siege Leaked Patch Notes – What You Need To Know

One of the best online tactical shooter video game, the Rainbow Six Siege, has already reached the middle of its first season. This is the game’s fourth year, and fans can’t wait for the controversial mid-season patch to roll out. Players are waiting for Ubisoft to release its new patch. People are already discussing the information circulating the internet regarding the upcoming Y5S1.2 patch and, more specifically, about the disputed changes. The new patch was said to bring a huge nerf to Jager, Goyo, and Buck; however, the more most recent news suggests otherwise. Read below to find out more about the upcoming Y5S1.2 patch.

The most recent leak has dropped another bomb. It looks like Ubisoft is planning something even more controversial for the upcoming season 2. As reported on the official subreddit, the online tactical shooter video game’s next patch will include five operators updated featuring significant changes that balance their character. Please do note that this information comes from a leak, which doesn’t make it official.

Here’s the list of the five operators including their changes:


The upcoming season of the video game will not include the ACOG from MP5 and P90. The leaks states that both Jager and the French medic will get a makeover and become a two-armor two-speed operator. The leaks also say that Impact Grenades will be a substitute for Doc’s Bulletproof Camera.

This operator is one of the oldest still available in the game, and we can see why changing it would create a dispute. Ubisoft’s new balancing policy could cause disagreements between the players concerning the iconic operator.


Let’s talk about our Blitz operator.  He is going to receive a special red-dot scope to his pistol. It looks like he will also get a buff to his ADS time. The buff is assumed to have an improved shield that is a little bit more effective. However, these changes are not the most exciting news. There is more to see.


Amaru is one of the recently added operators. It was released in the game a couple of seasons ago in Ember Rise. There is no secret that Amaru is not very favored by the players. Why players don’t want to pick this operator? It’s because of her gadget is quite situational. This is what makes Amaru an underpriced attacker, but things are about to change. The gaming company wants to update this character by making the Garra Hook gadget to “fly indoors.” We don’t know how this would even work, but we agree that she needs a makeover. We hope that Ubisoft will make this attacker more desirable for players.

The leak includes other updates, such as Nokk getting an ACOG for her FMG9. The Jackal operator will no longer have his ITA12S secondary shotgun. That means that he won’t be able to open soft hatches as effectively as he used to. Speaking of other balance changes, the leak mentions that Jager is gaining a Nitro Cell and IQ gaining Smoke Grenades. The leak also includes a lowering in breaching charges to two from three.

The only thing that the leaked information is claiming is that the video game company will change the Russian optics into regular ones. Ubisoft developer has actually confirmed this piece of information, which makes us believe that this leaked patch notes may have some truth in them.

But which part of the leaked patch notes is real? We don’t know. However, we have to admit that some of these changes are very welcomed, considering the current situation of Amaru. But Doc… We will wait and see.


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