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Rainbow Six Siege is Free to Play This Weekend – Crossover Operators are Rumored

Rainbow Six Siege is now free to play for the entire weekend; more precisely, until June 15th at 4:00 p.m. EST. Players who want to try out the game on any platform can now enjoy the squad shooter with the provided full access. This includes maps, modes, and even 20 ‘legacy’ operations.  

If you own a copy of Division 2, you also get some bonuses as long as you log-in, along with a Thermal Outfit. The clothing set has five pieces to complete, and it automatically goes to the Division agent. Those who own Six Siege also get a new skin for their operator; moreover, the new Ela skin from an April promotion is also available again, so you can get that as well if you want it.   

To take place in the free weekend, all you need is a Ubisoft account. You would have to get the title from the official website and read the instructions on the page, with the possibility to pre-load before getting it, in case you have weak Internet.  

Rainbow Six is planning to make the game more appealing, so the developers are ready to add some more content soon, including new operators.  

Potential Operators May Come From Splinter Cell

The game will soon release Season 3, and various sources suggested new operators will also be included, which means that a potential Rainbow Six Siege crossover with stealth game Splinter Cell is on the way.  

Until now, rumors say two new operators are planned to appear, namely, an attacker with a drill camera and a cyborg defender with laser gates. However, there was no official word regarding this from the developers. If the speculation ends up being correct, players are in for a great time.  

First, sources allege that the attacker having a drill camera is able to see through walls, which would allow players not only to scout ahead but make better plans. The second operator is a Thai defender named Aruni, according to a leak. The character is said to feature a skill called Laser Reinforcement, with which Aruni is able to plant up for reinforcements on doors.  

Whether these potential operators will come or not is up to the future; until then, Rainbow Six Siege is free the weekend and available on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox One. 


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