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Rainbow Six Siege Could Use the Deathmatch Mode Too

Rainbow Six Siege (RSS), one of the most popular online tactical shooter game, offers players numerous modes. However, one particular mode that is, at the moment, loved by millions of gamers is Deathmatch, and Tom Clancy’s amazing creation doesn’t have it.

After Deathmatch was incorporated into PUBG, fans of Rainbow Six Siege have requested the mode as well. The title offers five different modes, which include Hostage, Bomb, Secure Area, Tactical Realism, and Terrorist Hunt. Even though the game packs a rather decent collection of modes, for some fans, the fact that Deathmatch is missing, it is quite frustrating.

Why Should Rainbow Six Siege add Deathmatch

The title is considered one of the best tactical shooter games that consider and care for both amateurs and game masters. Rainbow Six Siege is restricting players to get to the ranked section until they reach level 30 so that they become better at playing and have n difficulties performing in ranked matches.

Here are a couple of reasons why Rainbow Six Siege should implement the Deathmatch mode.

It is Time-Saving

Deathmatch takes less time to play than other modes, and requires the full attention of the gamer. The mode is usually considered a warm-up match for ranked players, so it would make a more than great addition to the game. Most people play games in order to kill time, and some avid players do not want to lose their hardly-won rank when they don’t have that much time, so they would rather choose a mode such as Deathmatch to play when bored.

Enhances Players’ Reflexes

Deathmatch seems to improve players’ reflexes in combats because it asks for more focus than any other modes. Therefore, this particular mode could be extremely beneficial for players if added.

Even though numerous fans of Rainbow Six Siege have requested the developing team behind the game to consider adding Deathmatch, the mode has not been implemented. Who knows, perhaps developers will change their mind in the near future.


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