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Puffin Browser Update Available to Download with Software Stability and Avoids System Crashes

Google Chrome is the default browser of all Android powered smartphones and this is why it holds the title for being the most popular browser in the world. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that Google Chrome is the best choice for Android fans. As most of you might already know, Google Chrome is infamous for using up lots of storage space and CPU power which slows down budget-smartphones. Luckily, here is where Puffin Browser comes in and provides everyone with a solid alternative.

Puffin Browser is a super-fast mobile browser that focuses on providing users with premium performances. The way that the developers are making sure that their browser can run at fast speeds and deliver a smooth user experience is by constantly updating Puffin Browser’s performances with updates. In fact, a new update has just arrived.

Puffin Browser Update

The latest update for Puffin Browser sports the version number and we are advising everyone to download it as son as possible. The update requires a minimum of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean operating system in order to run without any problems and it’s currently rolling out via OTA (over the air) channels.

Furthermore, the new update for Puffin Browser introduces a handful of bug fixes that have been specially created to take the performances of the mobile browser to the next level and to avoid system crashes. Now, let’s check out which are the best features that Puffin Browser offers.

Top Features

  • Speedy page reload and rendering speed;
  • Flash Player support provided over Cloud;
  • Theater mode for Flash videos and games;
  • Virtual track-pad and game pad;
  • Colorful themes for toolbar and sidebar;
  • Comes with fastest JavaScript engine;
  • Incognito Mode to auto clean your browsing activities on this app.

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