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PUBG Season 7 Release Date and Upcoming Features

PUBG is a game that is highly appreciated on a global scale, especially since the introduction of the social distancing measures. The fact that it is available on many platforms makes this game very accessible to the broad public. The fans should now get ready for PUBG Season 7. The company has already released an official trailer and fans are spotting significant differences in the storyline of the game and the new features of Season 7.

PUBG Season 7 will bring Dinoland

The company has acquainted its fans with characters wearing visors and shooting at each other’s fields, trying to kill the enemies. Instead of this action field, the fans got the image of an informational advertisement of Dinoland, or at least this is the first impression.

The trailer provides a detailed description of the upgraded map that is going to be presented in the 7th season of the game. Its name is Dinoland and its surroundings are bearing a resemblance to the Dino Park.

The trailer is hilarious and behaves as a recollecting memory of lost childhood, giving its watchers a nostalgic feeling of the old times. However, on a more realistic view, the previous trailers are contouring a dark side of this childish world, remembering fans’ the concept of PUBG.

The release date of PUBG Season 7

The game is available on mobile as well as other platforms such as PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The release date of the PUBG Season 7 is scheduled to be available for the broad public on the 22nd of April.

In addition to this, the interest in this game might be caused by the fact that the cross-play between two different consoles is available. Players with PlayStation 4 can enter the multiplayer mode alongside Xbox One users, for example. This feature in PUBG was already released but is still under several tests.


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