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PUBG Season 5 Coming to an End as Season 6 is Set to Launch

As Season 6 of the renowned shooter game PUBG has been announced, it was obvious that the fifth season of the series, which took life in October 2019, is coming to an end. Now, PUBG has officially revealed the end date for the season on various platforms. As per the official website, Season 5 is going to see its end on January 14th on the PC and January 21st on consoles.​

As the fifth season is slowly approaching its end, the battle pass known as ‘Badlands’ would be removed from sale on the dates mentioned above. As soon as the season ends, the players won’t be allowed to purchase level up items, and the capacity to complete the missions would be eliminated as well. Even so, the unused level up items would be made available in the upcoming season.

If you have any unsolicited skins or coupons in the game, now would be the best time to redeem them by tapping on the ‘Claim All’ button. If you don’t redeem them by January 22nd on PC and January 30th on consoles, they would be lost after the usual server maintenance is completed.

PUBG Season 6 Ready to Launch

When it comes to the title rewards, they can be claimed by going to ‘Season’ and clicking on ‘Overview’ and then on ‘Title Rewards’ through the lobby. The coupons which you left unclaimed will not be of use after January 20th on PC and January 30th on consoles. So, remember to redeem them as soon as you can.

The rewards are also divided in successive order, and it would be done for just one day. Even so, if you don’t receive the reward, you need to contact the customer support to address this problem.

As ever, any player who utilizes unjust methods to get a Survival Title may be banned or deleted from the list for seasonal rewards. The survival Title will be rebooted for Season 6, and the achievements from the previous season would be collected to decide your placement for the upcoming season of PUBG.


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