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PUBG Publishers to Release an Impressive New Mystery Game

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, mostly known as PUBG, is one of the most popular computer games ever. Now, the developers of the widely played title plans to gift players with yet another secret investigation game.

The gaming studio revealed the new game, which is called ‘Prologue,’ with a mystery trailer. The announcement was made on Thursday, December 12th of this year. Prologue’s trailer doesn’t show a lot about the upcoming gameplay, except for the puzzling and spooky depiction of a forest area.

Mysterious Trailer Doesn’t Give Many Hints

The released short video depicts rich woods surrounded by plants, vegetation, and rocks, along with a repulsive soil trail going through the middle. Moreover, there is a rainstorm and a regular storm, as well as electrical discharges as the camera moves around to show us a good peek at the surrounding settings.

Further along the trailer, a bark is audible from nowhere, and the character heads towards a shelter just before the tragedy begins.

The video ends with a depiction of the URL of the game’s official website. The page provides those interested in a detailed description of the upcoming title. However, as much as it discovers, it doesn’t say a lot about the gameplay.

Here is what the description of the game gives away: “Prologue is an investigation of new advances and ongoing interaction. Our point with this game is to give players remarkable and important encounters, every single time they play.”​

Will it Come With The Fight Royale Design?

Brendan Greene, the creator and developer of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has not given any comments regarding the connection between Prologue and PUBG. Even so, he has confirmed that the forthcoming game will be “a fresh out of the plastic new experience outside of the Battle Royale kind.”

Most definitely, Prologue will be a massively successful recipe for the publisher.


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