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PUBG Mobile Update 15.00 Available with Lots of Fresh Content

PUBG Mobile players along the world can now download the latest update for the popular mobile games. The 15.00 update comes with a wealth of content which offers new challenges and an interesting way to plan your in-game strategies. Read below to learn more about the latest changes!

What you need to know before installing the patch

To reduce server downtimes, Tencent decided to release the patch a day early, a decision which was quite inspired as many people will want to play the title after the latest update was released.

The size of the patch is also quite large, and some users may have to delete some content to free some space. On Android the update will take 1.76GB of free space while the iOS version will require 1.98GB.  The patch notes for the update are already available.

New mechanic: Ledge Grab

Players who wish to hunt silently for their enemies will have the option to use the new ledge grab mechanic, which allows them to reach new positions and to take shots from additional angles.

Improvise the perfect trap with fuel canisters

This is a change that makes the experience more realistic as shooting fuel canisters will now lead to a fiery explosion. Players can use this feature to plan ambushes or gain an edge during combat as they drop the can and shoot it go out in a blaze of glory.

New game mode: Payload

A new EvoGround mode will task players to fly across the island and battle for the possession of a valuable payload.

New weapon: Desert Eagle

Players who love pistols will enjoy the Desert Eagle, which has mighty stopping power as each shot deals 62 damage.  An assortment of attachments can make it even more deadly, as long as the player manages to land the shots.

Faster, smarter, better

The performance of the game has been improved, and a new control optimization will improve gunplay.

The complete patch notes can be found on the official website.


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