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PUBG Mobile Tips & Tricks – Rank Up Faster With These Tips

PUBG Mobile has a ranking system that places the players in categories based on their skills. After a player passes the provisional matches, he or she will be placed in one of the categories based on their skill and performance. After a player has finished with the set of provisional matches, the real game begins. Players will have to prove their skills and win the matches to climb the leader higher and higher. This article will give you a hand in climbing the leader a little bit faster. More ways can lead you to the top, and we are going to present them to you.

How to improve your PUBG Mobile rank

First things first, one of the essential things stand in communication. Communicate as much as you can with the team. PUBG developers have provided the players with a few communication features, such as using a microphone or by tagging the map. You can also ask your teammates for help. You can also help your teammates out by telling them where the enemies are coming from or find out the next location to go to.

Land farther away

Play safe! Land farther away to have a bigger chance to look for weapons without worrying too much. Don’t be too greedy in trying to take the enemies down.

Choose your equipment wisely

The weapon you are using is also an essential factor. Using weapons that work with the same ammunition gives you a better chance of winning the game. This way, you can upgrade your weapon and use the same ammunition. This tactic will ensure you have enough ammo even if you choose to opt for a better defense. It is also imperative to find your weapon style so you can select the weapon attachments wisely.

Safe Zone

Stay in the safe zone to take out the weak enemies but also make sure you don’t waste to much time there. Always keep an eye on the minimap.

Camp for others

It’s not that hard to figure out where the Safe Zone will be so positioning yourself there and wait to attack the enemy. When the enemies come to the center, they won’t know what hit them. Pay attention to the sounds in the game.

Avoid early fights

As mentioned above, don’t be greedy. Don’t engage in a full fight mode in the early game in PUBG Mobile. Play smart, poke your enemies, or stay hidden not to reveal yourself. Sometimes you can win a game by being a ghost that shows itself only when needed.


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