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PUBG Mobile: The Story of Miramar Unveiled by Tencent

PUBG Mobile brought to users many updates each season. Until now, we have witnessed some released features for Call of Duty Mobile, and some significant new extensions such as new outfits, throwable weapons, and new maps. However, as 2020 started, the Tencent Corporation prepared another surprise.

On their official Twitter page, the developers posted a video that displays a story of Miramar. Miramar represents a mao that has gathered a lot of attention in different tournaments worldwide. It’s similar to PMSC, PMCO, and PUBG Mobile India Series. The map is popular for its enhanced story buildings and demonstrated how good it is as a place for snipping. Moreover, Miramar introduces a new collection of guns that are not noticeable in other known maps.

More About the Story of Miramar

As the story develops, players will encounter two characters, Cockroach, and another one who proves to have an odd name. The Cockroach, though, is observed talking about Americans and Russians, and who is going to engage in Miramar’s battlegrounds. The other character, a very mysterious one, is following and having an eye on the situation. As quick as the Cockroach disagrees with the Russian part, an explosion occurred. He lost his life in the event. However, what it’s truly intriguing is that there is still no hint about how the circumstances will be further executed in the current Miramar map.

Some full information about the event is not detailed, unfortunately, in the video. Also, such events mostly display in a way or another, some hidden chests. Those things will be included in the real maps. Back in the day, we have witnessed such phases where a story becomes, at one point, an extension in the real gameplay. For more details, we should expect the upcoming Community Skin contest. The contests will provide a chance to design parachutes, the M416, and hoodies. The final results will be ultimate, introduce to the current game.

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