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PUBG Mobile Steps to Join the Winter Holidays Event

PUBG goes further with its Winter Holidays, and recently it introduced a new event in PUBG Mobile. In the latest event, users can gather free in-game stuff such as outfits, parachute skins, and more to be discovered. It is now available on the official servers, and users can join it before it’s not too late.

The Winter Holiday event has also brought some new stuff. Users should log in to the PUBG Mobile app for nine consecutive days to be part of this event. Follow the next steps to gather some free in-game stuff.

Steps to Get More Rewards

First, access the PUBG Mobile app on your device. Login into your account, and you will shortly notice a login reward popup on your display. Finally, click on gather rewards and repeat the above-listed steps to get your rewards every day.

Daily Rewards

You’ll get many rewards such as classic crate coupons, skins for a parachute, helmet, backpack, and an ice hockey outfit set. You should know that the rewards are only available for ten days from the claimed period. After the time expires, they will be erased from your account.

PUBG Mobile Winter Festival So Far

Developers launched a brand-new 0.16.0 update into PUBG Mobile back in December 2019. The update sends the world of PUBG into a Winter Festival and many other surprises. Players can enjoy a Snow Paradise Mode when they queue for Erangel in Classic mode. The Spawn Island had also been covered in white frost. Players could get a chance of riding a cable car that lifts, or snowboards once they arrive on the map.

Moreover, a new Sliding Mechanic has been introduced, and players are now able to select to enable or disable character sliding in Team Death Match. Other new features included are a Perspectives Button, Firearm Balances, Loadouts, Healing Mobility, and many more.


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