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PUBG Mobile – Snapdragon 865 will Bring 90fps and True 10-bit HDR to the Game

Qualcomm has revealed its next Snapdragon 865 processor at the Snapdragon Tech Summit of this year. The upcoming chip is surely an exciting item to look forward to, more so since we know what specifications will feature. The new high-end SoC will have improved performance, support for 5G, 200MP cameras, and 144Hz refresh rate for displays.

This, however, is not all. The processor also packs some main functionality that will help enhance the overall graphic performance, more so for PUBG Mobile players. During the second day of the summit, the chipset manufacturing company has announced that PUBG Mobile​ will receive support for true 10-bit HDR ad a 90fps mode with the integration of the Snapdragon 865 chipset.

The new Snapdragon 865 processor is entirely capable of supporting a screen refresh rate of 144Hz on mobile phones. This incredibly impressive and high refresh rate will be just enough to attain 90fps in games and a true 10-bit HDR, as we earlier mentioned.

Snapdragon 865 will Bring 90fps and True 10-bit HDR to PUBG Mobile

With these amazing features, the graphics quality of the lucky game, PUBG Mobile​, will definitely see a lot of improvement. The prior HDR settings in the title were rather unable to offer the much-desired high-end graphics.

Besides the improved frames per second (fps) and HDR levels, the upcoming Snapdragon 865 processor will also take the Game Color Plus technology, which was created by Qualcomm in partnership with OPPO,​ to a whole other level. Game Color Plus handles the gaming visuals, color saturation, and contrast of gaming graphics as well.

Not long ago, Xiaomi announced that the upcoming Snapdragon 865 processor would also be powering its flagship handset, the Xiaomi Mi 10. The chipset is also expected to power other devices such as the Samsung Galaxy S11, the OnePlus 8, the Realme X3, the Google Pixel 5 series, and more.


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