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PUBG Mobile: Season 13’s Latest Leaks

PUBG Mobile Season 13 is expected to launch on May 13th of this year. This season is going to be a major update as it comes with a new character, a handful of new skins, and lots of other interesting content.

These new elements will be revealed at the release of the new season, but until then, we have come across various leaks regarding the upcoming content that seems to be reliable and might end up being correct.

A New Character and Skins

The most intriguing part of the upcoming update is a new character, which goes by the name of Andy. He is a cunning, smart, and sarcastic magician with sleek hair and good looks whose theatrics are shown by his emotes with which he comes with.

Brand new weapon skins are reported to be featured in the next update for M416, AKM, and more.

A Rocket Theme

As per the latest rumors and beta versions, players can expect a parachute and the plane to have a rocket theme, named ‘Pioneer.’

A New Currency

The all-new currency, ‘diamonds,’ comes with Season 13, and it allows you to block or ban some rewards you might not want from different crates. This means that it helps you get rid of unwanted stocks, but it is not clear how exactly we are supposed to collect this new currency and what other purposes it has.

Some Returns

Among some returns, AWM Bandage skin is included, as well as UAZ, an exclusive drop vehicle. Like most of the elements we mentioned, these features, too, aren’t confirmed, therefore, we don’t know yet whether UAZ would be a drop exclusive or would be located in various places.

The season will allegedly come also with some other kind of new content, such as exclusive stickers, a new crate, and a new frame.

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