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PUBG Mobile Receives a New Vehicle-Focused Mode

​Countless rumors about the incredibly popular PUBG Mobile have made the rounds of the world in the last few weeks. The speculations claim that the game will get a mode similar to Death Race, and fans were awaiting the comments of the developer, to confirm or deny the allegations.

Tencent Games has finally ended fans’ anguish by confirming the fact that PUBG Mobile is soon going to get a new mode, the Rage Gear. Here is everything we know about the upcoming mode.

The company made the announcement on the last day of PUBG Mobile​ Clube Open 2019 Global Finals. It was noted that the upcoming addition to the game will be available starting with December 11th of this year, and will be rolled out for the whole world, not secluded for a specific region.

Vehicle-Focused Mode

The reveal also says that the mode will be a portion of EvoGround. In this new mode, players will be geared with a car designed specifically for carnage, and they will only utilize these vehicles to battle their enemies in the gameplay. Moreover, gamers will have access to weapons such as Dacia, UAZ, and Buggy, which will aid in their attempts to destroy their opponents’ vehicles.

Fans of PUBG Mobile​ who play the Rage Gear mode will also be able to use the weapons fixed to the cars, as well as their guns to kill their rivals. The announcement stated that this mode is concentrated on the vehicle, which means that the players are not to leave their car. They have to take it and drift around the place in an attempt to destroy their opponents but stay safe at the same time. Vehicle damage can be mended with the repair kits crates that can be collected on the map. These crates will be spread all over the place, helping players survive the match.

On a different note, there are reports saying that the PUBG Mobile​ developers are currently developing on a new colorblind mode, as well. This mode is allegedly going to be released sometime in 2020.


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