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PUBG Mobile Players Harness the New Drones to Move Cards on Buildings

PUBG Mobile has received a major update recently, which came with a series of exciting features. One of them is the new Arctic Mode, which is also known under the name of Cold Front Survival.

The mode can be accessed via the EvoGrounds game mode selection and delivers a refreshed battle royale experience. Players who opt to enter the fray will test their skills in the Vikendi maps, with two rivals against them: other players and the environment.

As players move across the map, random areas will be affected by cold weather, and a new temperature bar will appear on the screen, representing the body temperature. When the bar drops below a specific limit, the player will be affected by hypothermia.

The new way to use the drones in PUBG Mobile

Some creative players have found an interesting use for one of the new items included in the update, the remote-controlled drones. One of them has managed to gather a group of three or four drones that were placed strategically inside a car. The player used the drones to lift the car into the air.

It is suggested that this trick can also work if only two drones are used as long as you manage to place them inside the car before attempting to lift them into the air. At this point, it is not clear if this is a glitch, or the developers didn’t take into account the fact that the players may use the drones for such endeavors.

Those who use this trick will enjoy the ability to snipe from buildings more easily as they can enter the car if they feel threatened by other players.

There is also a great potential for ambushes since it can be quite hard to the top of some buildings, but the position is ideal for unexpected attacks. However, some disgruntled players have reported the practice, and a new PUBG Mobile patch could lead to the removal of the feature.

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