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PUBG Mobile News — Season 13 Set To Launch In May

PUBG Mobile has announced its upcoming season, the Season 13, which promises to bring unique features and new experiences to the players. The leaks regarding the possible improvements are spotting a new weapon skin, as well as a brand-new headgear and various designs for parachute skins.

The first and most waited element that is going to be added is the weapon skin named AUG 13. It is the most popular bullpup style assault rifle and gamers can achieve this after various fight moves. It will drop from the air at the end of the act. The new update is bringing a new design for the tool, which bears a resemblance to the toy style theme of the game.

In addition to that, the devs will be adding a headgear preserving the same cartoonish style with several lamps on the forehead for better visibility. The skin parachute is another upgrade that completes the toy based theme of PUBG Mobile.

The new Season 13 in PUBG Mobile was announced

The rewards will be available starting from May, the exact date to be confirmed. The new season is bringing them for free for its users. In order to receive them, the players need to complete the game’s quests and level up as much as possible. The rewards are available for those players at a high level.

The most waited AUG skin will be available after the player manages to reach the diamond tier from the 13th season. Additionally, gamers can obtain the headgear only after reaching the platinum tier in the forthcoming season. The parachute skin can be unlocked after managing to achieve the Ace tier.

The good news is that the players can make a frame that will prove to be a great asset in obtaining all the titles needed during the 13th season. Season 12 is scheduled to come to an end next month on the 12th of May. Therefore, the next season is very likely to start the exact following day in PUBG Mobile.


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