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PUBG Mobile Introduces a New Game Mode

PUBG MOBILE has lately been subjected to a lot of new in-game features as the team is trying to make the game more interesting. Payload x War Mode is a new game mode that was silently introduced by the game developers under EvoGrounds.

As the name implies, it is a mixture of Payload and War, so the rules stay the same as War, yet you get to play with heavy weapons like grenade launchers and RPGs. The game mode combination brigs the best of both worlds in one game mode in PUBG Mobile: War and Payload. Tencent hasn’t advertised this new game mode, unlike the game modes launched in the past, this new game mode was slithered to the live servers.

If you want to try the Payload and War mode, you can select it from the EvoGrounds section on the home screen. If you cannot see the new game mode in the EvoGrounds section, you will have to update the game manually as it turns out this is an issue for some other players as well. Players will be dropped inside a play zone where everybody would be pitched against each other.

A new game mode comes to PUBG Mobile

Rocket Launchers and Grenade launcher will be offered to everyone in the Payload and War mode, which makes the game more exciting as it results in bloodshed inside the play zone. Each player that dies inside the play zone will instantly respawn, and that action will continue until the area shrinks to zero.

Chicken Dinner is the ultimate prize for the team or player with the best high number of kills at the end of the round. It is a high tempo game mode that offers a mind-blowing experience in every aspect of the game.

As @PUBGMOBILE posted on twitter: Bring out the big guns! Payload x War Mode has all the action of War Mode with the explosive potential of Payload Mode. Try it now in EvoGround!


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