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PUBG Mobile: How to Predict the Next Safe Zone

PUBG Mobile is full of imprevisible gameplay, but sometimes, to win the matches, you have to be able to predict the next safe zone. Having the skill to foresee the extent of the next safe area can be incredibly useful, more so in the last few rounds, when you have to move very quickly and carefully.  

While the first few zones are usually random, as the game goes on, they become easier to predict. This post will cover some tips that can help you foresee the next safe zone in PUBG Mobile.  

How to Predict the Next Safe Zone in PUBG Mobile  

Keep an Eye out for Airdrops  

It has been demonstrated that safe zones in PUBG Mobile follow the location of airdrops and that the last ones to get down, fall towards the center of the next safe zone. Another thing to keep in mind is when to loot for these airdrops. Strategically, it is a good idea to head for air loots at the beginning of the gameplay, but as it progresses, more players are in search of better gear and go for airdrops.  

PUBG Mobile – Airdrops

Usually, you will end meeting a few teams at the airdrop location, or you could become the target of a sniper who is monitoring the area. Overall, being careful regarding airdrops and using them as general indicators of the next safe zone is a tip you’d want to use.  

Stray in the Safe Zone Itself  

Another good method you can use is to stay within the safe zone itself and move towards smaller units, such as houses. For instance, if the current safe zone is Pochinki like depicted in the image below, the next ones could be the first, second, or third circles depicted across the area, because that is where the smaller units are located. Still, this trick is not that reliable and has to be used together with the first one we mentioned to have a better direction when it comes to your next move.  

Use the Land Area  

The one common observation in PUBG Mobile is that the circle seldom ends in the vicinity or even in water bodies. Therefore, it is recommended that you stay at the core of the landmass and have a vehicle in case the next circle is generated randomly, something that happens now and then.  

PUBG Mobile – Safe Zone Circles

Stay on the Move

Because it is almost impossible to accurately predict the exact area in which the next safe zone will appear, camping is not recommended during the middle stages of the gameplay. This is when the circle starts to be rather dynamic, so you’re better off moving around and towards the place you think the next zone will show up.  

In addition, vehicles can save your life in case you’re trapped away from the zone, or if the circle spawns at random. Still, all the tips we mentioned have to be used together in order to generate success and come up with an effective prediction of the next safe zone in PUBG Mobile.  

Although there is no guarantee they will work at all times, do keep in mind that all the players on the map are just as surprised as you are when the random spawn takes place. Overall, a calm and aware approach is the key to winning the matches in PUBG Mobile. 


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