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PUBG Mobile: How to Get Free UC to Buy Skins and Cosmetics

PUBG Mobile comes with a large collection of skins and in-game cosmetics that can be purchased with UC, the game’s currency. Many players want many of these skins and cosmetics but do not want to spend their money to get them. Still, there is the possibility to have them for free. Almost.

Well, not really, but you can collect UC for free, using a few tricks. You can then use the UC to get any skin and cosmetics you’d like.

How to Get UC For Free in PUBG Mobile

Use Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards is a reward-based app created by Google. It gives users who complete some surveys a few Google Play credits. With those credits, you can then go ahead and purchase UC in the game and use the money to buy skins.

Redeem Codes

Tencent Games publishes redeem codes on a regular basis, and using these codes can get you skins, cosmetics, and emotes. In order to redeem codes, simply visit the redemption center and enter all the required details. These codes are limited, however, and have to be used quickly to get in-game items in PUBG Mobile.

Earn UC

There are numerous methods a player can use to earn UC in PUBG Mobile. Some of those techniques involve PUBG Bonus Challenges, Swagbucks, or Idle-empire.

The PUBG Bonus Challenges provide a system in which players have to show their skills in battle and earn coins, which can then get exchanged for UC. The Swagbucks method involves a GPT site where players have to complete certain tasks in order to redeem gift cards.

Lastly, the Idle-empire technique includes a GPT as well. Players have to, again, complete some tasks that redeem Google Play gift cards, which can then be used to buy skins in PUBG Mobile.

You can also earn skins by completing Royal Pass missions that enhance the RP level. Even in the free pass, there are a few skins you can get, such as RP 50’s Toy Alliance P92 skin.

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