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PUBG Mobile: How to Collect the Rewards in the New Event

Tencent Games and PUBG Corporation, the developers and publishers of one of the most popular battle royale game PUBG Mobile, have finally released a new update in which it incorporated a brand new event in the title.

The multiplayer online game or mobile devices has reportedly reached a player base of more than 200 million people all over the world and over 30 million active daily users globally. Now, the new installment for the title came with the new event.

After completing the event, players will have access to a series of exclusive rewards, such as a rare AKM skin, an outfit set, and a mask, awarded to whoever completes the tasks. The event is named ‘Prosperous Spring,’ and has started on January the 17th. It will last for about two weeks in total. PUBG Mobile players can find a pop-up notification with the event whenever they launch the game.

In addition, the game made it very easy to gather all the rewards since the players only have to play for seven consecutive days in order to complete the whole event. Here are some simple guidelines that will help you enter the Prosperous Spring event.

NOTE: The AKM skin is only available for ten days.

How to Enter the Event and Collect the Rewards

• Launch the game on your device
• Login in to your account
• An event notification will appear when the game boots up
• Tap on ‘Collect’ to gather all the rewards

Repeat all those steps for seven consecutive days in order to unlock the items and gather them.

Here is the complete list of rewards that are now accessible throughout the event.

Prosperous Spring Event Rewards

• Day 1 – 2x Fireworks
• Day 2 – 4x Fireworks
• Day 3 – Auspicious rat headgear
• Day 4 – 6x Firewords
• Day 5 – Auspicious rat outfit set
• Day 6 – 8x Fireworks
• Day 7 – Legendary Wood & Gold AKM skin

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