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PUBG Mobile Could Include Blackpink-Based Characters to the Game

Tencent Games has recently rolled out the PUBG Mobile version 1.0, together with a plethora of gameplay and visual enhancements. ​Still, it seems like the developer has a few more major updates coming, one of which might give Blackpink fans one more reason to join and play the battle royale mobile game.

Earlier this week, official PUBG Mobile​ social media pages published a few promo images that stirred rumors about a possible Tencent Games and Blackpink collaboration for the title. The official Twitter page for the game shared a close-up photo of a pink-haired woman wearing a full fringe and pink glasses that shows a reflection of a region in Erangel.

Developers further said: “Guess who is coming.”

While those were are the hints offered in the post, Blackpink fans immediately made the connections and filled the comments section with the suggestion that the image could be a clue of the K-pop group’s addition to the game.

Particularly, fans believe the woman in the photo is Blackpink’s rapper, Lisa, who also has a similar hairstyle. Therefore, gamers and K-pop fans are taking into consideration the possibility that a new character could be coming in PUBG Mobile​, which is designed after Lisa.

It is not something new for Tencent Games to add characters based on real-life personalities in PUBG Mobile​. Because of the similarities between the character in the teaser and Lisa, the possibility for the popular star to be included in the title cannot be dismissed.

Blackpink fans would be overjoyed to know that the Lisa-based character is not the only PUBG Mobile​ teaser the developers shared this week. They released a second promo image a few years later of four female characters in a vehicle driving into Erangel.

“‘New color’ is on the way,” the caption reads.

This only fueled the belief that the whole group could be included in the game.

People replied to the teasers and mostly gave positive responses with some of them, even saying they are returning to the game or will at least try it if PUBG Mobile​ will end up featuring Blackpink.


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