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PUBG Mobile Adds Domination Mode, Team Deathmatch and Arena Training Mode in 0.16.5 Update

Right now, Season 10 is still going on in PUBG Mobile, but it will end on January 7 when a new update will roll out. With that update, we will get Season 11, which brings forth new skins, Royale Pass, missions and a new theme. Let’s see what else comes with the 0.16.5 PUBG Mobile update.

PUBG Mobile has added a new mode in its beta update that seems to be a copy of Call of Duty: Mobile’s Domination Mode. The new mode in PUBG Mobile takes place on a new map called Town.

Domination Mode Comes to PUBG Mobile

“Domination is split between 2 teams as a 4v4 Red vs Blue match. The map has 3 bases, the first team to capture 2 bases wins. Once bases are activated, rush to occupy them until capture. Super Weapon Crates will be available during the match.”

According to testers that have played in the 0.16.5 PUBG Mobile beta version, the mode is a copy of Call of Duty: Mobile’s mode. But since they’re both developed by Tencent Games, it’s no biggie. Aside from the mode being a total rip-off, it does bring the teamwork feature in the mix.

The match consists of two rounds, each round will last 3:40. The two teams must capture and hold objectives when they unlock. Whichever team reaches the highest score will win the round. During the first round, two bases are unlocked so teams must quickly capture one of them. After the first round ends, the last base is unlocked and teams must again find a way and capture the last base to win the match. Players will easily keep track of their progress as there’s a bar on the top showing your percentage. Domination doesn’t have a kill or spawn limit.

Team Deathmatch and Arena Training Mode Added in PUBG Mobile Patch 0.16.5

A Team Deathmatch and Arena Training will also be added in PUBG Mobile patch 0.16.5, both based on the Warehouse map. Team Deathmatch comes with a loadout you set before you enter the game, and it’s based on the Ruins map that has been renamed “Assault.” Meanwhile, Arena Training allows players to spawn and then pick from a variety of guns before jumping into the fight.

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