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PUBG Lite Gets the Vikendi Map and New Weapon, Vehicles, and Different Weather Modes

PUBG Lite has finally received the Vikendi update, which is now available on all the servers. The new patch update is coming with the much-awaited night mode to the new map.

Besides, it enhances the arrival of the brand new weapon known as G36C. This weapon has been accessible on other platforms, but it was still awaited in the PUBG Lite version of the popular game.

​PUBG Lite​’s servers were hold pending on January 16th while the developers’ team took care of the maintenance process. After five long hours of maintenance, players were able to update the title via the ​PUBG Lite​ launcher. The complete list with the patch notes has been released, and here are the key features of the Vikendi installment.

PUBG Lite Vikendi Update – Patch Notes

Vikendi Map

In the new map, vehicles will be more slippery on snowy and icy surfaces. The update brings two different weather modes, Clear and Moonlight, which has the night mode implemented. Moreover, the Redzone is now located in the outside section of the safe zone, and the Blue Zone has been changed in size to match the map dimensions for every phase. Finally, the Vikendi map sees an increase in the item spawn rate.

G36C Weapon

The G36C ​ is now accessible only in the Vikeni map, needs 5.56 ammo to function, and it is labeled under the AR section.

Snowmobile and Zima Vehicle

These two vehicles are also only available on this new map. Only two players can only ride the Snowmobile vehicle at the same time, and Zima substitutes the UAZs in the Vikendi map.


The update has added the New Year Crate, which goes off after January 16th, and the Winter Guardian Crate, which is set to be sold starting with January 16th to February 13th. Also, several bugs have also been solved, and after the latest update, the Vikendi map will finally be accessible on PUBG Lite.

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