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PUBG is Available on Google Stadia, But Bots Seem to Kill the Fun for Everyone

PUBG has been one of the most influential video games ever launched. ​Indeed, it’s no longer the biggest title in the genre it helped develop, but its rough and appealing gameplay have made it remain one of the most played multiplayer titles ever.

Now with the release of its seventh season, PUBG was made available on Google‘s Stadia platform, allowing for the perfect chance to try out how an online streaming service can manage such a huge online game like PUBG.

PUBG ​on Google Stadia

Google Stadia doesn’t make PUBG ​more interesting in any way compared to what consoles do. It still looks decent, but it has a gamepad setup that is pointlessly painful. The game now has five different maps to battle across, which is a good amount of variation in a genre that can easily become boring.

The reincorporation of the Vikendi map is a great thing; it is a smart map with numerous housings all over the snow-covered woodland, with a train that you can jump on and off. However, as you try to cross-play in multiplayer mode, you’d barely notice who it was shooting at you, and the rivals appear so tiny that you could barely see them.

That is because, besides the Season 7 and the Stadia release, every console round is filled with bots that might be familiar to those that tried playing PUBG ​on mobile. The bots are not yet present in the PC version, but they might be coming.

Many games make it possible to see less of them as you climb in ranks, and PUBG ​developers have also tried to make top players never experience more than 25 percent of bot population. However, they should not encounter them at all.

Bots Are Everywhere

The only thing that PUBG ​does do on Google’s Stadia is work. It finds teams of players in a rapid timeframe, the load times are fast, there’s no stuttering, and no default issues produced by the fact that one player is streaming and the others are not.

A great selling point for the title on Stadia is a bonus, which other players never really get to consider. The centralized system functions in such a way that it doesn’t allow cheaters in. You can also cross-playing with Xbox One and PS4 players, but you’d have to use a controller. Switching to keyboard and mouse will definitely come with its price: you’ll face numerous bots. It is best, therefore, to use a controller.

That said, the current bot issues players encounter has to be solved across all platforms. If the game is slowly becoming a more Stadia thing that a console game, the bots could help quicken the process. If it isn’t, there’s no reason for bots to be in the game except in the new training mode, or completely removed by the time players get to level 20.

Hopefully, the developers will consider the issue and address it quickly. It’d be a shame to lose one of the most popular battle royale game because of some bots. For new players on the platform, this has been a bad experience against what it could have been a small success for Google Stadia.​

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